The Best Girlfriend


Floki memecoin's first Official girlfriend is about to become the biggest memecoin on the BSC network.

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Contract: 0xF5B21AadAeC84DE3b6a09a1120fe1dC481a5A272

BSC's hottest coin

Floka is making BSC great again. Our community is growing rapidly, reaching extraordinary levels of memecoins!


We are building utilities around the internets best and most popular content: Memes!

Years Experience

Our Team is into crypto development since years. Don't believe us? Ask our holders!


All of our NFTs are unique and exclusive. Claim yours and keep it as a souvenir of this incredible meme.


FLOKA NFT Collection

The proceeds from the sale of NFTs will be strategically distributed to support various areas of the project. A significant portion will be allocated to marketing, aiming to elevate the memecoin to greater heights and promote its adoption.

Another portion of the funds will be reserved for payment to centralized exchanges (CEX) as stipulated in our roadmap. This financial allocation aims to ensure the listing and liquidity of the memecoin on important trading platforms.

The proceeds from NFT sales will be entirely directed to finance our global plan to conquer the top 10 exchanges in the market in the coming months.

Want to see Floka making waves on a top 10 CEX? Then grab yours now and join the fun! With Floka, you not only own a piece of history but also gain access to exclusive digital collections. From rare variations of Floka to meme-inspired artworks, the Floka collection offers something for every BSC enthusiast.

Monitor in real time the wallet responsible for receiving NFTS payments: 0x8BA307A5628f4F703Df9C82647e38d9E304722F8

a look into roadmap

FLOKA's BSC token roadmap presents a clear and ambitious plan for the future of memecoin. With a focus on community engagement, partnerships and innovative features, FLOKA aims to establish itself as a leading meme on the BNB chain. From launching OUR initial token sale to introducing new utility functions, Floka is poised to create a vibrant environment for investors.

Phase 1 : Launch

  • Develop a smart contract
  • Website creation
  • Social Media creation
  • Fair launch & Liq lock
  • Marketing & Community building

Phase 2: Initial Growth

  • Utility: NFT Mint
  • Marketing & Community building
  • CoinMarketCap listings
  • Partnerships
  • Expand the team

Phase 3: Expansion

  • Exchange listings (TOP10)
  • Develop additional utilites
  • Expand marketing
  • Expand beyond the BSC ecosystem
  • Strong presence in the BSC community

Phase 4: Sustainability

  • Continue to innovate
  • Integrate other blockchains
  • Develop long-term roadmap
  • Establishing a DAO
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Frequently Asked Questions

FLOKA will dominate the world from April 00th.

You can buy FLOKA on Pinksale with BNB. Just click on any "Buy now" button to purchase FLOKA.

FLOKA takes care of everyone. Everyone with an IQ above 0 is allowed to join FLOKA.

Yes, FLOCKA came to become the girlfriend of the beloved FLOK. And certainly be as successful as its predecessor.